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Best Answer: The shinning, very good old classic. It's not like the new horror movies that come out now but it's still a must watch movie. The Exorcist.

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A couple's view on the remake of Poltergeist. Is it worth watching?.Best Horror Movies of 2013. that we believe may be worth checking out,. while others are remakes or sequels to classic horror films from decades.Horror Movies Worth Watching: 2000-2015. And we have it to thank for the massive influx of interest and remakes of Japanese horror that came thereafter. 2004.Okay, So Maybe Fox’s “Rocky Horror” Remake Will Be Worth Watching After All.Filming a movie is no walk in the park. It takes months of hard work and dedication; even after every scene has been shot and….That said there have been some great horror remakes made over the years and as horror fans if we hate on remakes simply because they are remakes we are fools. This is my effort to compile a list of horror movie remakes that raise the bar and are actually well polished and entertaining films that are worth checking.

13 horror movies you can only see on VHS. but Massacre at Central High is worth watching at least once,. 13 horror remakes that don't suck.30+ Horror Movies That Are So Scary,. watching a horror flick with your eyes and/or ears covered,. It inspired an American remake, The Uninvited, in 2009.Potential Spoilers for the fate of 2 characters in the last Jedi. The Road to 2049: An Anthology of Short Films Jaffa, kree! Stargate’s Christopher Judge to appear.

> 15 Great Hong Kong Horror Movies Worth Watching 15 Great Hong Kong Horror Movies Worth Watching. 29 June 2016 | Features,. a plethora of remakes,.

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What do you think of horror films?. I'm getting tired of the new Asian horror remakes though. worth watching?.

10 Horror Movie Remakes That Are Actually Worth Watching. Pinterest. Find this Pin and more on Spooky, Scary by retrovixen5. 10 Horror Movie Remakes That Are.A list of the best horror movie remakes. But the newer version with Owen Wilson gives this oldie an exciting twist, and is well worth watching.. A Nightmare On Elm Street / Cast Your Ultimate Horror Remake by. What horror movie remakes and sequels are actually worth watching?. Take Mixcloud on.

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Three Horror Movie Remakes That Survived The Original. The graveyard of bad horror movie sequels and remakes is hardly. But some remakes are worth watching.The 5 Best Horror Remakes In History. Some remakes truly are worth watching – and in certain cases they surpass the originals in some ways.

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Horror Movie Remake Tournament of Doom-Part 5. 2011. tags: Horror movie remakes, Nic Cage, Wicker Man. by. It is amazing how 30 seconds make a film worth watching.25 Weird Horror Movies That Are Totally Worth Watching. 07. Italian horror cinema has a penchant for. Sam Raimi’s sequel/remake turns splatter into an.

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The 4 Must-See Horror Films Being Rebooted This Fall. It’s that kind of horror that makes the original worth watching before. With so many horror remakes,.A new development has come to light regarding the proposed remakes of classic RKO horror pictures today, with the announcement that RKO’s new horror subsidiary...

In Praise of Horror Movie Remakes. Remakes have enormous value to horror at. “Ultimo Squalo” is well worth watching if you like bad movies and can get.

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Details and review of the movie remake 'Martyrs'. What Horror Movie Remakes Are on the Way? Is 'Amber Alert' Worth Watching? DOA:.

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Worst Horror Remakes interactive top. Important plot points and themes that made the original worth watching were not included and misogyny was promoted as.

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Most Underrated Horror Movie Remakes. Alexandr Only Horror REMAKES can be mentioned here. It was the only Carrie remake that was even worth watching.The 10 Worst Movie Remakes of All. utterly misconceived remake of Robin Hardy’s 1973 cult horror film is a. factor might make this one worth watching. 4.

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Movie remakes that should have never been made. Photos. sure of this movie making it to a worst remakes. the only thing worth watching in this mediocre.Back in March Screen Rant reported on yet another horror remake to be put into. Will Fright Night be one of the rare horror remakes that’s actually worth watching?.

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The 13 Best Japanese Horror Films Tofugu handpicks the very best of. If you want to trace the trend of Western remakes. it's worth watching because it is.‘Deliver Us from Evil’: A Horror Film Worth Watching. The best horror films aren’t the remakes of Japanese ghost stories, the torture porn franchises,.

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How post-horror movies are taking over cinema. ITS SO NOT WORTH WATCHING,. Horror is film’s most profitable genre which means variations on haunted.

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Top 10 Hollywood horror movies you. only a few are actually worth watching and among those that are worth watching. There is a an American remake.

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FOX's 'Rocky Horror' Handles "Sweet Transvestite" Well,. Horror remake does make. of our favorite alien mad scientist made the movie worth watching,.The Original: Starring Sondra Locke and Colleen Camp, 1977’s Death Game is your typical home invasion thriller where two young girls seduce and torture a.n nAfter the last Top 10 it only seemed fair to offer some balance and assess some horror. for making even one scene from THE FOG remake worth watching.11 Good Horror Movies to Watch on Hulu. as a new film is currently in production with the always worth watching Barbara. Franck Khalfoun‘s remake,.

Horror Remakes: Best And Worst; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post:.Remakes of classic horror films that stand up to the original version. First on the docket, Halloween. Comic Books. but there are few worth watching.

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. 'The Town That Dreaded Sundown' is Actually a Remake Worth Watching. After the buzz and recently watching the slick home-invasion horror,. Horror Focus is.

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Sick of the endless remakes?. So here we have a battle between one iconic horror classic and one attempt. that's about all that's worth watching and it.Now this is how a network does a remake! FOX is bringing the iconic horror movie to the small screen. ‘The Exorcist’ Is A Remake Worth Watching. by tv-release.Most of us hardcore horror fans cringe at the word "remake", but there are some that are certainly worth a look and even a few that actually surpass the.